Learn to Kiteboard on Maui!

The World’s Best Location!

  • Maui offers excellent conditions to learn Kiteboarding.
  • You can learn this amazing sport today!
  • Lear with pro rider and veteran instructor Paul Franco.
  • Text us at (808)357-4976

Make Your Reservations Now!

1 Day Private Beginner Lesson:

  • 1 Day/3 Hour course – $300 (all equipment included)

5 Day Private Kiteboarding Camp:

  • 5 Day/15 Hour course – $1400 (All equipment included)
  • $80 an hour after 5 day course

3 Day Private Beginner Lesson:

  • 3 Day/9 Hour course – $850 (all equipment included)

Or hourly, @ $100 per hour intermediate and advanced coaching (All equipment included)

Beginners, intermediate and advanced candidates contact us at (808)357-4976.

Personal Guide Services

$100 an hour, only for extreme advanced riders that qualify! All new Naish deluxe gear provided! Ride all the secret spots that no tourist knows about! Wave riding and trick classes! Text me @ (808)357-4976 or email: paulflymaui@yahoo.com

How Does Kiteboarding Work?

It is very simple. The kiter stands on a board with foot straps (or bindings or even strapless) and uses the power of a large controllable kite to propel him and the board across the water. The kiter has full maneuverability and capability to jump over 50 feet high, making kiteboarding really exciting to watch. Enjoy the video below and see what’s possible.

We work with AquaSports Maui in case I’m booked up or you looking for more affordable lessons.

Instructor Experience:

  • Over 16 years teaching kiteboarding
  • No accidents or incidents
  • The highest rate of students that became successful kiteboarders and are kiting to this date, some of them can be seen in magazines, videos etc.

Instructor Certifications:

  • IKO level 2
  • PASA & KISS certified
  • The first IKO examiner in the USA and Hawaii
  • US Kiters Examiner


Sponsored by Naish. Have traveled to over 36 countries as a professional kiteboarder, placing top 10 in the world, 2003 Red Bull King of the Air.