Paragliding is the purest way of flying.

A paraglider is an aircraft that has no primary rigid structure, is capable of soaring flight and can be foot-launched from a hillside. Maui offers great paragliding flying conditions. Try a Tandem Paraglider Flight from Haleakala volcano here on Maui! The experience of a lifetime! Paragliding guiding services are available, you must qualify first, and it is $100 an hour to take you to out-of-bounds spots! Advanced pilots only!

Text me (808)357-4976 or Contact Dexter @ 


Paragliding lessons & tandem flights

Have the experience of your life! Live the dream! Try Paragliding flight with expert Tandem instructor Paul Franco, off the side of Haleakala volcano.

Our most popular flight is the 3000ft , it is 12-15+ min air time depending on the thermal lift (the experience takes about 1 hour including the drive) Price $225.

We also offer a 1000ft flight that is a 3-5+min air time Price $115.

Contact Dexter with Proflyght (808)874-5433 and request me:) as your instructor!


Solo Lessons

Solo Instruction is the way to go for those who are ready to change their lives. For many paragliding is not just a sport, but a way of life. Once you become a pilot you will never again go anywhere without considering the potential of flying.


The basics of paragliding are relatively simple

  • You can get your P2 Novice Solo rating by training for just three hours a day in about of fifteen days
  • Our training hill is the envy of every paragliding school in the country, with one thousand feet of grassy slope and five drive up launches
  • This set up is perfect, allowing the student pilot to progress gradually at their own pace.
  • We train in the mornings so you will have the rest of the day to pursue other activities.
  • What could possibly make our flight park any better? How about absolutely perfect weather year round!

Price is around $2500 for the P2 Novice Solo Certification. We charge $95 an hour for solo instruction, so it depends on your personal learning ability.

Request Paul Franco as your instructor!

Contact Dexter for more information about learning solo paragliding (808)874-5433. Proflyght school site.


If you are not able to learn on Maui, I can recommend other paragliding schools and instructors. On the US Mainland I recommend Cloud 9 Paragliding and Eagle Paragliding.